Your First Visit

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If you believe you or your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment (braces or Invisalign), schedule a complimentary consultation with Hillsdale Orthodontics. Your free consultation at our office will include the following:

The initial consultation typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour. We will ensure that you have all the information you need to make a decision about your treatment, including the financial and time investments involved.

During the consultation, we will also tell you about the existing orthodontic options available:

Portland Invisalign


Invisalign and 3M clear aligners utilize advanced innovations in orthodontics. The treatment involves using a series of custom-made clear aligners that slowly guide teeth to the desired position.

Portland metallic braces

Metal braces​

These are the most commonly used and look great with the various color options we provide. We find that patients enjoy choosing various colors monthly for their braces, much like picking out colors for manicures at a spa! They are still used frequently today because of their effectiveness and convenience.

Portland ceramic braces

Clear braces​

These are less noticeable and more esthetic than the conventional metal brackets, and are a great alternative for those seeking a more discreet treatment

Indirect Bonding Technology in Portland

Indirect Bonding Technology:

At Hillsdale Orthodontics, indirect bonding is used to position brackets more precisely and quickly for superior results and comfortable bonding experience. A replica of your teeth is created in order to carefully place each bracket onto the precise position, and the doctor uses a custom-made mouthguard to then transfer and bond the brackets onto your teeth. With our team’s extra prep work behind the scenes, this method saves time and offers you a more enjoyable experience on your bonding day.

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